Period 8 – AP U.S. History Stimulus Based Multiple Choice and Short Answer Questions


I’ve published my first set of stimulus based multiple choice.  This set has 40 multiple choice questions, 4 short answer questions, and they’re all based on the key concepts for period 8.  Check them out at this location – APUSH – Period 8 – Stimulus Based Multiple Choice – Test Questions – Test Bank.   Please, let me know what you think, and leave feedback!

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APUSH – Stimulus Based Multiple Choice – Sentence Stems


When the new AP exam was released, one of my most immediate frustrations was the lack of available test questions.  They released one exam (which was then released to the public), and other test questions were released very slowly.  As part of my frustration, I decided that I would need to write my own question to make up for the lack available.

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Shays’ Rebellion – Inquiry Based Learning – C3 Framework


Social Studies education has undergone (and is still going through) a revolution in teaching practices.  The idea of teaching History through the authentic process of inquiry has completely revived my curriculum and my approach in the classroom.  I’ve found my students to be more involved and engaged, and simply more interested.  The inquiry process works particularly well with the middle school age.   These students are naturally self centered, so they love to express and argue their own viewpoint.

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PBS Documentary “First Peoples” Free Lesson

This past June, PBS aired a documentary titled “First Peoples.”  Though it was the end of the year, I noticed that one of the sections of the video – The First Americans – dovetailed nicely with one of NYS teaching standards for Social Studies from the new Social Studies framework – specifically:

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“Hamilton the Musical” In the Classroom – Skills and Content – Common Core Aligned


Ever since Lin-Manuel Miranda released his first song from Hamilton the musical, I’ve been using his songs in my classroom to teach History.  With the release of the full soundtrack this past fall, I was instantly envisioning new ways to incorporate the songs from the musical within my class.  I love all of the songs, however, I’m obviously most attracted to those that relate to seventh grade Social Studies.  This led me to the cabinet battles.  They’re fun, catchy, and they sneakily teach about rather dry topics like the assumption of state debt and the Neutrality Proclamation.

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Book Review – Reading, Thinking, and Writing about History

As I’ve delved more into inquiry based learning in my classroom, I’ve been collecting any and all resources that can provide specific lessons for me to implement.  Recently, I purchased a copy of Reading, Thinking, and Writing About History: Teaching Argument Writing to Diverse Learners in the Common Core Classroom, Grades 6-12 (Common Core State Standards for Literacy).  The book has several authors, including Chauncey Monte-Sano, Susan De La Paz, and Mark Felton.

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