The Rise of the Dictators and Antisemitism Before World War II


With this engaging and lesson, students will learn about the key information related to the rise of dictatorships in Europe prior to World War II.

Pages: 3 pages (with key) and 32 slides

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With this lesson, students will learn about the key information related to the rise of the following dictators during World War II: Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Francisco Franco, Joseph Stalin, Hideki Tojo, and Emperor Hirohito.

The ideologies of Communism and Fascism and the differences between the two area also discussed. As this is often new information for middle schoolers, each topic is broken down in clear language. On the second day of class, students will learn about the dehumanization of the rights of Jewish people and the spread of Hitler’s power over Europe.

An exit ticket with formative assessment questions is also included. You can view more in the preview here – Rise of the Dictators

Included in this resource:

  • A PowerPoint Version of the handout (editable)
  • A PDF Version of the handout (not editable)
  • A PowerPoint Version of the slideshow and a Google Slides Version of the lesson for use with students online or in the classroom (editable and adaptable)
  • A lesson plan with guidance for implementation

This lesson addresses the following NYS Social Studies Standards:

8.6a – Worldwide economic depression, militant nationalism, the rise of totalitarian rule, and the unsuccessful efforts of the League of Nations to preserve peace contributed to the outbreak of war in Europe and Asia.

8.6a.1 – Students will examine how the worldwide economic depression and militant nationalism resulted in the rise of totalitarian rule.


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