The Great Depression and New Deal Word Wall Vocabulary Puzzle



Products Included in This Bundle:


Help your students build and retain key vocabulary terms with a visually appealing word wall. This resource includes 36 word wall terms related to the Great Depression, vocabulary review strategies, and a review puzzle to support your students’ learning. You can see more in the preview here – Great Depression Word Wall

The following terms are included:

Agricultural Adjustment Act (AAA), the Banking Act of 1935, Black Tuesday, the Bonus Army, the Civilian Conservation Corps, Court Packing, Deficit Spending, Deportation, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the Dust Bowl, the Emergency Banking Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA) Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Fireside Chats, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Glass-Steagall Act Herbert Hoover, Hoovervilles, the First Hundred Days, Mexican Repatriation, The National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA), National Labor Relations Act, the New Deal, Okies, Public Works Administration (PWA), Reconstruction Finance Corporation, the Revenue Act, the Rural Electrification Administration (REA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Social Security Act, Smoot-Hawley Tariff, Stock Market Crash, The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), Works Progress Administration (WPA)

Included in this resource:

  • 36 word wall terms that are specifically correlated with my Great Depression unit bundle. The definitions are written to access students at the middle school level. (PDF – not editable) (NOTE: I used to include an editable PowerPoint file. I’m not going to anymore because they made the files too big, and were frustrating to buyers. If you purchase this product and you would like the PowerPoint version, please feel free to email me.)
  • vocabulary Tarsia review puzzle for students to complete cooperatively or as a full class (PowerPoint, PDF and a Google Slides link)
  • Strategies for implementation
  • The list of vocabulary terms utilized in both resources (PowerPoint, PDF, and a Google Slides link)


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