The Annexation of the Philippines Primary Source Analysis Critical Thinking


Grade Levels
8th, 9th, 10th, 11th
Social Studies – History, U.S. History, Other (Social Studies – History)
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Activities, DBQs, Handouts
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18 slides + 5 pages

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For this lesson, students will be analyzing varying points of view regarding the annexation of the Philippines after the Spanish-American War. A slideshow provides an overview of the events of the war. Then, students participate in mini-challenges to analyze the documents provided. By categorizing and organizing the documents the students will see how the points of view compare and differ. They will also practice analyzing those documents. You can view more in the preview here – PREVIEW – Annexation of the Philippines

There are three different kinds of exit ticket choices included, and they could be used as an assessment instead.

Included within this resource:

  • A PowerPoint version of the presentation (editable)
  • A PDF version of the handout (not editable)
  • A Google Slides Version of the presentation and the handout (The link provided in the lesson plan will prompt you to make your own file.)
  • A Detailed Lesson Plan

NOTE: This lesson is not fully digital (the documents require sorting in a classroom. However, the rest could be made fully digital.)

This lesson is linked with the following NYS standards, however, you could always include your own instead:

8.3 EXPANSION AND IMPERIALISM: Beginning in the second half of the 19th century, economic, political, and cultural factors contributed to a push for westward expansion and more aggressive United States foreign policy.

8.3b – The Spanish-American War contributed to the rise of the United States as an imperial power.

8.2b.2 – Students will explain how the events and outcomes of the Spanish-American War contributed to the shift to imperialism in United States foreign policy.

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