The Open Door Policy, the Panama Canal, and the Roosevelt Corollary Imperialism


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This lesson offers a basic of some of the major events of the era of U.S. Imperialism. The Open Door Policy, the Boxer Rebellion, the development of the Panama Canal, and the Roosevelt Corollary are all included. Most of the information in this presentation is completely new to students in middle school. Therefore, this lesson offers an overview of the new content (written at an accessible middle school level), along with some generalized skill practice relating to cartoon analysis and primary source reading. You can view more in the preview here – The Open Door, the Panama Canal and the Roosevelt Corollary

Included in this resource:

  • Classroom Presentation – Made to be utilized in an in-class situation with students. A PowerPoint version is included in the file and the Google Slides version is provided with the link. The Google Slides version is easily editable for use with Pear Deck.
  • Handout for Students – Printable version that is made to coordinate with the classroom presentation. Two versions included – (PDF, Google Slides link, and PowerPoint)
  • Lesson Plan for implementation

This lesson is tied with the following NYS Standards:

8.3c – Interest in Pacific trade contributed to an increase in United States foreign interactions.

8.3d – The Roosevelt Corollary expanded the Monroe Doctrine and increased United States involvement in the affairs of Latin America. This led to resentment of the United States among many in Latin America.

8.3c.2 – Students will examine the purpose and effects of the Open Door Policy.

8.3d.1 – Students will evaluate the United States actions taken under the Roosevelt Corollary and their effects on relationships between the United States and Latin American nations, including the building of the Panama Canal.

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