Major Events in American History

I was delighted when I was asked to review Megan's new book, Major Events in American History. I know that Megan's work is always researched based and her point of view on history is one that I trust. Major Events in American History provides the perfect concise introductory text for students and teachers. Forbes' writing is crisp and grade-appropriate, however, she often goes beyond the standard narrative to include enlightening and thought-provoking detail.

I could see this book in many classrooms across the country, particularly when the teacher finds it necessary to introduce a new topic. I was particularly delighted to see that Forbes' often recommended further middle-grade historical fiction titles at the end of many topics for students to conduct a further investigation.

About the Book

From the publisher,

“Learning about US history can help us understand why things are the way they are today—and how we can make them better. From the founding of the city of Cahokia and the formation of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy to the modern Black Lives Matter movement, this kid-friendly journey takes young learners through nearly 1000 years of American history, one key event at a time.

Go beyond other American history books with:

  • 50 key events—Kids will learn about Indigenous peoples, colonial life, the rise of the United States on the world stage, amazing inventions, and more.
  • History revealed—This book helps young readers gain more perspective on events with direct quotes from people who actually lived through them.
  • Ways to learn more—Each of these defining moments comes with suggestions for other books to read or museums to visit.

Help children discover America’s incredible legacy with this top choice in kids’ history books.”

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