The Cold War Vietnam War Detailed Graphic Organizer APUSH Review


Social Studies – History, U.S. History
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9th, 10th, 11th, 12th
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This graphic organizer is designed to provide teachers and students with a detailed overview of the Cold War.

Teachers can provide this graphic organizer to students to complete in class or for homework. This graphic organizer does pair nicely with America’s History (Henretta). However, using that textbook for completion is not necessary. Students may use another textbook for completion, or even use the internet.

Although I’ve only provided a blank and filled-in version of this graphic organizer, everything provided is editable.  I’ve included a PowerPoint version (editable), a link to a Google Slides version (editable) and a PDF version (not editable).

Topics include: Yalta | Potsdam | The Truman Doctrine | The Marshall Plan | The Berlin Airlift | The National Security Act | The Korean War | The Red Scare | The New Look | The Berlin Wall | The Bay of Pigs | The Cuban Missile Crisis | The Eisenhower Doctrine | The Vietnam War | The Domino Theory | The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution | Operation Rolling Thunder | Vietnamization | The Tet Offensive | My Lai Massacre | The Paris Peace Accords | Christmas Bombings | Detente | SALT I | SALT II | START | Glasnost | Perestroika | The Iran Contra Affair | The Boland Amendment | The Velvet Revolution

Intervention in: Japan | Korea | Iran | Guatemala | Palestine | Egypt | The Congo | Cuba | Vietnam | El Salvador | Nicaragua | Iran

Individuals Include: Harry Truman | Joseph Stalin | George Kennan | Joseph McCarthy | Dwight D. Eisenhower | Nikita Khrushchev | Lyndon Johnson | Richard Nixon | Ngo Dinh Diem | Ronald Reagan | Mikhail Gorbachev | Oliver North

Organizations Include: NATO | The Warsaw Pact | HUAC | SDS

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