The Civil Rights Movement Detailed Graphic Organizer


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This graphic organizer is designed to provide teachers and students with a detailed overview of the Civil Rights movement.

Teachers can provide this graphic organizer to students to complete in class or for homework. This graphic organizer does pair nicely with America’s History (Henretta). However, using that textbook for completion is not necessary. Students may use another textbook for completion, or even use the internet. You can view more in the preview here.

Although I’ve only provided a blank and filled-in version of this graphic organizer, everything provided is editable.  I’ve included a PowerPoint version (editable), a link to a Google Slides version (editable) and a PDF version (not editable).

Topics include: Underlying Issues | Brown v. the Board of Education | The Montgomery Bus Boycott | Emmett Till | The Greensboro Sit-ins | The Freedom Rides | The Little Rock 9 | The Birmingham Marches | The March on Washington | Freedom Summer | Selma Marches | The Bombing in Birmingham | The Civil Rights Act of 1969 | Letter from a Birmingham Jail | The Voting Rights Act of 1965 | The 24th Amendment | Black Power | Black Nationalism | The Nation of Islam | the Long Hot Summer | The Kerner Commission Report | MLK’s Sanitation Strike

Individuals Include: Rosa Parks | Martin Luther King Jr. | Ella Baker | John Lewis | Eugene “Bull Connor | Medgar Evers | Bayard Rustin | Fannie Lou Hamer | Marcus Garvey | Stokely Carmichael | Huey Newton | Bobby Seale | Malcolm X

Organizations Include: NAACP | SCLC | SNCC | CORE | MFDP | The Black Panther Party | The Young Lords | The Chicanos | The American Indian Movement

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