Roaring Twenties Interactive Experience “Time Travel” to the 1920s


This engaging lesson immerses students in the vibrant history of the 1920s through a Google Slides Simulation. They’ll dress up in 1920s attire, befriend “Betty,” and experience key events of the era as New York City residents.

The presentation can be delivered in-person or remotely, with accompanying handouts available for both scenarios. The content is meticulously researched and tailored for clarity and comprehension. It serves as an excellent foundation for teaching the Roaring Twenties Unit.

Pages: 74 slides + 12 pages

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This lesson is fantastic, fun, and informative for students. Students learn about the history of the 1920s through a full class Google Slides Simulation. They pick their 1920s clothing, make friends with “Betty” and then “time travel” through the major events of the 1920s as a character living in New York City.

There is a classroom presentation that can be used in person, or presented to students remotely. There are also two versions of the handout. One is for in class use and the second students can fill in digitally as teachers present the slideshow.

All of the information in the simulation is based on real research. Every event has been carefully edited for clarity, comprehension, and conciseness. You can use this as a framework for your entire Roaring Twenties Unit! You can view more in the preview here – Journey Through the Roaring Twenties.

Topics Include:

The Red Scare | The Wall Street Bombing | The Women’s Suffrage Movement | The Election of 1920 (other elections in the 1920s are mentioned briefly) | Ford Model-T and the Assembly Line | Coney Island | The Harlem Renaissance | The Stock Market Crash of 1929 | flappers | The Ford Model-T | Prohibition | Consumer Spending

The lesson is linked to the NYS Social Studies Framework, but you could easily cut and paste in your own standards for your state.

NYS Standards:

8.4e.1 – Students will investigate the efforts of women suffragists and explain the historical significance of the 19th amendment.

8.4e.2 – Students will examine the reasons for and effects of prohibition on American society.

8.4e.4 – Students will explore the changes in American culture after World War I, including an examination of the Harlem Renaissance and other changes in New York City.

8.5a.1 – Students will examine how the economic practices of the 1920s contributed to the coming of the Great Depression.

Everything you need is included in this purchase! Just print and teach!

Included in this resource:

  • A Powerpoint Version of the handouts (editable)
  • A PDF Version of the handouts (not editable)
  • A Google Slides Version of the handouts (you can make a copy of you want to make your own edits)
  • A link to the slides for the simulation in Google Slides (this is done on purpose so that I can edit the file instantly if any changes are needed – It can also be downloaded as a PowerPoint).
  • A Detailed Lesson Plan
  • A 1920s Slang Dictionary for students


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