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Radiolab recently released a series of podcasts relating to Supreme Court decisions. I’ve always loved Radiolab. They play with sound and story in a way that’s incredibly intriguing, I was instantly hooked with More Perfect. Supreme Court decisions can seem rather dry and mundane to students, however, “More Perfect” investigates the “why” behind Supreme Court decisions, and ultimately brings them to life.

This podcast discusses the commerce clause of the Constitution. It traces the use of the clause from Gibbens v. Ogden all the way though current day. It really explores what the commerce clause is, and how it has been utilized by the U.S. government throughout the course of U.S. history. Topics include the Agricultural Adjustment Act, segregation, national health care, and the Violence Against Women Act.

Directions: These questions can be answered in class or as a homework assignment. Students will most likely need to pause the podcast to have time sufficient time to write down their answers. The podcast is approximately 53 minutes long.

I still plan on using these podcasts with distance learning. Students will be listening outside of class and completing the questions independently.

The actual podcast can be found here – This link also includes other primary sources, including interviews and Supreme Court cases if you want students to conduct further research.

I highly suggest discussing student reflections and reactions after listening to the podcast. In a pinch, these questions could also be provided to a substitute.

This file included a Word version (editable) and a PDF version (not editable).

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