Native American The Columbian Exchange Jigsaw Activity Distance Learning


Social Studies – History, Native Americans, U.S. History
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6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, Homeschool
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Lesson Plans (Individual), Activities, Cooperative Learning
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In the classroom version of this lesson, students investigate the Columbian Exchange. The students will review the Columbian Exchange, and then task cards will prompt them to look up the origin of the plants, animals, and diseases that were transferred. This lesson does require access to iPads or Chromebooks. The class will then collectively jigsaw their information. Students are able to get up out seats and move around the classroom! This really helped my students to remember the significance of the exchange! There is a recording sheet and an exit ticket already provided for easy analysis.

With the digital version, I created a video that randomizes the task cards. Students pick three to four terms by pausing the video. Then, they add their information to the digital graphic organizer. Finally, the diagram a favorite meal in Google Slides.

The lesson is linked to NYS Social Studies Standards, but you could easily cut and paste in your own standards for your state.

NYS Framework Standards:

7.2b.3 – Students will EXAMINE the major reasons why Native American societies declined in population and lost land to the Europeans.

What this file includes:

  • This zip file includes a PDF version of the classroom lesson
  • A PowerPoint version of the classroom lesson (editable)
  • A link to the digital and classroom Google Slides version of the lesson (editable)
  • A detailed lesson plan the lays out the the full lesson

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