Mercantilism Simulation Activity the Thirteen (13) Colonies Distance Learning



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6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, Homeschool
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This lesson provides a fun educational simulation for students to experience trade during the age of mercantilism. The classroom simulation is set up so that they will see the impact of the rules created by England to limit trade, and increase profit. This has really helped my students to visualize a difficult economic concept. Students get to move around the room, trade goods, maximize their profits, and potentially smuggle! This lesson plan also includes two exit tickets to check for student understanding.

My students also had lots of fun, and begged for more lessons “like that trading one” for the rest of the year!

This document includes a 3-page detailed lesson plan (PDF), all the required materials for the trading simulation, and a historical background which explains all the necessary concepts.

The digital version of this lesson included interactive Google Slides to teach the same topics. The simulation portion is not included in the digital version. There simply wasn’t a way to emulate the same experience in an online situation. You can view more in the preview here.

The lesson is linked to NYS Social Studies Standards, but you could easily cut and paste in your own standards for your state.

NYS Standard – 7.3a.2 – Students will examine the changing economic relationship between the colonies and Great Britain, including mercantilism and the practice of salutary neglect.

Included in this resource:

  • A two page handout describing Mercantilism and an exit ticket (Google Slides link, PDF and PowerPoint versions included)
  • A Google Slides link to a digital version that can be assigned in Google Classroom.
  • Tradable items for a simulation of the economics of mercantilism (classroom version only.)
  • A detailed lesson plan explain how to set up and execute the Mercantilism Simulation.

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