Inquiry Based Mock Trial Template Social Studies C3 Framework with Rubric


Social Studies – History, Writing, Writing-Essays
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7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th
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Over the last few years, as I’ve transitioned my Social Studies classroom to an inquiry based experience, I’ve gradually adjusted my summative assessments to evaluate student learning. This template allows you to create an inquiry for any Social Studies topic with a Mock Trial as the summative assessment.

If you’ve always wanted to try designing your own inquiry, but have struggled with the structure, this template is for you! It scaffolds the process to make the design process much more manageable and understandable. It also lays out the full process of a Mock Trial. This will make designing a Mock Trial much more manageable. This resource is fully editable. I’ve included a PowerPoint version and a link to a Google Slides version. You can view more in the preview here.

Create an authentic structured inquiry for any topic!

This download includes:

  • A 5 page editable template for laying out your own inquiry
  • A fully detailed procedure for guiding students through the Mock Trial process
  • A detailed rubric for grading all three roles – the prosecution/defense, witnesses and jury
  • Signs for each section of the “courtroom” and a example courtroom layout

NOTE: Feel free to use this within your own classroom. If you wish to share this Mock Trial template with other teachers, please have them purchase an additional license. Please make sure that this is only used with the classroom, and that they it is not posted online unless it is on a password protected site (like google classroom).

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