Editing Stations for Social Studies Essays Peer and Individual Stations


These editing stations aid students in peer-editing Social Studies essays. There are individual and partner versions for historical writing, suitable for any historical essay type (DBQs, Inquiry-Based, or Enduring Issue) and can be used digitally (Google Docs) or with printed essays for comments.

Pages: 6 (with different versions 12)

Products Included in This Bundle:


These editing stations help students to peer edit any Social Studies based essay. I’ve provided two versions. The first helps students edit when they are working individually. The second helps students edit when they are working with a partner. They are specifically designed for historical writing, and they can work with any type of historical essay, including DBQs, Inquiry-Based essays or Enduring Issue essays. You can use these with digital essays (Google Docs) or printed essays. With digital essays, students can leave comments on Google Docs. With handwritten essays, students will leave comments directly on the essays.

This resource includes:

  • 4 editing stations with a task card and sign for each
  • EDITABLE Task cards that address each of the following:
  • M.E.A.L. Plan Paragraph writing (explained in lesson plan)
  • Using Historical Evidence
  • Mechanics|Grammar|Formatting
  • Constructive Criticism and Praise
  • Signs or Posters for labeling each station
  • A Lesson Plan how to utilize these stations in your own classroom.

All of these resources are editable in some form, so you can change the text for your own classroom situation.


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