Colonial Protest Boycotts, Tarring and Feathering Effigies Gallery Walk Stations


Social Studies – History, U.S. History, British History
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6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, Homeschool
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This lesson provides a fun educational gallery walk for students to learn about the various methods of protest utilized by the colonists. Each station depicts a different type of protest, including, boycotting, a spinning bee, a boycott of merchants, a tarring and feathering and an effigy hanging. Students will learn about why the colonists protested with a 4-page historical background with text-based questions, and they will learn about how they did so with a gallery walk. They will then design their own protests and generate a protest announcement and a simple drawing of the protest in action. You can see more in the preview here.

The classroom version includes a 2-page detailed lesson plan, two versions of the gallery stations (one 8.5×11 and the other color 11×17), two exit tickets to assess student understanding, and a 4-page historical background. The historical background includes details about the Stamp Act, the Sons of Liberty, The Townshend Acts, and the Non-Importation Agreements.

The digital version contains the same lesson in a visual Google Slides presentation. The lesson is divided into three sections – a historical background, a primary source analysis, and the directions for the creation of a protest poster.

The lesson is linked to NYS Social Studies Standards, but you could easily cut and paste in your own standards for your state.

NYS Standard – (7.3b) – Stemming from the French and Indian War, the British government enacted and attempted to enforce new political and economic policies in the colonies. These policies triggered varied colonial responses, including protests and dissent.

Included in this file:

  • Classroom handouts – PowerPoint (editable), PDF (not editable), and a link in Google Slides
  • Poster Versions of the Stations (11 x 17)
  • Digital Version – Google Links o each of the three parts of the lessons

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