Boston Massacre Primary Source Investigation Revolutionary War


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Boston Massacre Primary Source Inquiry Investigation American Revolution

This lesson provides a fun authentic way for students to experience the evening of the Boston Massacre. They will critically analyze 5 sources that discuss the same event, and then determine whether the British soldiers or the colonists were at fault for the event’s events. The primary sources have been edited a bit for clarity and comprehension.

This document includes a 2 page detailed lesson plan, two pages of primary sources, a graphic organizer (blank and filled in), a simple powerpoint with the questions from the historical background for discussion and a 3 page historical background. The historical background includes details about the Townshend Acts and the Boston Massacre. You can view more in the preview here.

The digital version has been specifically designed for a hybrid or remote classroom. Lesson plans are included for implementation.

The lesson is linked to NYS Social Studies Standards, but you could easily cut and paste in your own standards for your state.

NYS Standard – (7.3b) – Students will compare British and colonial patriot portrayals of the Boston Massacre, using historical evidence.

This zip file includes a PowerPoint version (fully editable), a Google Slides link, and PDF version.

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