The Harlem Renaissance 1920s Artwork and Culture the Great Migration


In this activity, students will experience the art and culture of the Harlem Renaissance and answer critical thinking questions that encourage them to think about art, music, and poetry!

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With this activity, students utilize a Google Slides, hyperlinked document to analyze the art and culture of the Harlem Renaissance. They choose the artwork that resonates the most with them and then complete critical thinking questions that encourage them to think about art, music, and poetry. This activity also includes a graphic organizer linked with a Newsela article or two Youtube videos about the Harlem Renaissance. You can view more in the preview herePREVIEW – The Harlem Renaissance – Art Appreciation Activity

Students will need access to Google Classroom, Google Slides, Newsela (an alternative is provided if students do not have access), and YouTube. The YouTube assignment can be completed as a class if YouTube is blocked in your school district.

What people are saying about this lesson:

“After a couple of days with a lot of direct instruction, I needed an activity that would provide students with a deep dive into the Harlem Renaissance. This activity is perfect! I love that it hit on the artwork, literature, and music of the Harlem Renaissance and that students are given choice with this activity! Thank you! This was a time saver!” – Kathleen S.

“This is a terrific resource that worked well in a hybrid learning setting. The students were engaged and able to work at their own pace and explore the artists and pieces that interested them the most. I was truly impressed with their completed slides. I’ve tried a few other activities for this topic in the past and this was my favorite one!” – The Preppy Social Studies Teacher

Included within this resource:

  • A Google Slides Version of the digital document (The link provided will prompt you to make your own file. You can then add that file to your drive and share with your students. Instructions are provided within the lesson plan.) Both teacher versions and student versions are included.
  • A Detailed Lesson Plan 
  • Answer Key for the graphic organizer – For the other questions included in the resource, student answers will vary.

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