The 13 Colonies Review and Test Critical Thinking


Social Studies – History, U.S. History
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6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, Homeschool
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Study Guides, Test Prep, Assessment
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Products Included in This Bundle:


This purchase includes two different versions of an assessment for the 6 lessons in my “13 Colonies” unit and a review sheet for students.

I would not purchase this review and assessment packet unless you have previously purchased some of the lessons. The assessments are specifically tailored to match the lessons.

I do standards based grading, and I allow students to redo tests. Therefore, one of the tests is given as the original, and the second test is given as a “redo.”

These assessments do require the students to have some knowledge of historical skills. The skills are then referred to and reviewed on the review sheet.

I include a 5-point holistic rubric with each of the lesson assessments. If you would like to grade these questions in a different way, you can simply remove the rubric and add in your own points or rubric instead. You can view more in the preview here.

You can edit these documents as you wish. I also included a PowerPoint version that is also editable. There is a digital version of the review sheet, however, I kept the assessments in Google Slides. I’ve found that teachers are assessing in a variety of ways these days, so they are editable to meet the needs of your classroom.

Included within this bundle:

✷ Unit Review – Both classroom (PDF, PowerPoint and Google Slides) and digital versions (Google Slides) provided

✷ Two Versions of the Assessment – These are provided in PDF, PowerPoint and Google Slides form. I’ve found that teachers are accessing in a variety of ways, therefore, I decided just to provide an editable and easily adaptable version in Google Slides.

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