Movement Westward Full Class Game Oregon Trail, Gold Rush 49ers, Mormon Trail


Social Studies – History, U.S. History
Grade Levels
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
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Activities, Games
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You know how you students ask if “we’re going to do anything fun today/” This is the day people! This game is hysterical, and students learn all about movement westward. It’s a win win.

With this game, students play as Oregon trail pioneers, Mormon pioneers, or 49ers. This game is played together as a full class. Students from each group stand in front of the class and read each card to the class. Some are simple and students may move forward or backward on the game board. Others involve fun physical challenges! Students might have to toss a ball one handed around their group to survive fording the river or complete 20 squat sits to avoid dying from dysentery. My students LOVED playing (And want to know if we will play again, and again, and again…)

My students literally said to me, “Mrs. B., you should sell this game, this is so much fun!” Ha!

This zip file includes a PowerPoint version of the playing cards (fully editable), a PDF version, and a link to a Google Slides version of the playing cards. You can even present the game board on your Smart Board if you prefer to present it on a screen.

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