13 Colonies Students Journey through the Colonies with an Engaging Experience!


Social Studies – History, U.S. History, Other (Social Studies – History)
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5th, 6th, 7th, 8th
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Activities, Graphic Organizers, Simulations
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This lesson is so much fun! This is a Google Slides experience that guides students on a journey through the 13 Colonies. Students visit the New England, Middle, and Southern colonies as a visiting English tourist or they can write in the third person as a couple of travelers. They also participate in fun decisions that make their experience unique!

All of the information in the simulation is based on real research. Each event is based on actual information regarding the 13 colonies, and every event has been carefully edited for clarity, comprehension, and conciseness. Students will complete a graphic organizer comparing the social, political and economic features of each of the areas and a colonial journal where they write about their reactions to particular events as their character or to have the travelers react to the same event. You can use this as a framework for your entire 13 colonies Unit.

With the CLASSROOM VERSION, the teacher presents the slideshow, and students complete a journal about their experience. The DIGITAL VERSION can be completed independently by students through Google Classroom

Topics include – The New England Colonies | The Middle Colonies | The Southern Colonies | The Salem Witch Trials | The Beaver Trade was | Bacon’s Rebellion | John Winthrop | William Penn | The Puritans | The Quakers | Life at Sea | Peter Stuyvesant | New York City | and much, much more!

The lesson is linked to the NYS Social Studies Framework, but you could easily cut and paste in your own standards for your state.

NYS Standards:

7.2c.1 – Students will investigate the reasons for colonization and the role of geography in the development of each colonial region.

7.2c.2 – Students will examine the economic, social, and political characteristics of each colonial region.

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