AP U.S. History Stimulus Based Multiple Choice Full Year Bundle

I’m done!  I’ve now created a test bank for each of the time periods in AP U.S. History!  I’m so excited to have these as a resource for my classroom, and be able to offer these a resource for other frustrated AP U.S. History teachers.  With the completion of these Period 6 Multiple Choice, I

Period 5 – Stimulus Based Multiple Choice and Short Answer

I’m almost there!  This is my latest set of APUSH Stimulus Based Multiple Choice, and I’m only one set away from a full test bank.  I’m very excited about finishing these, and then having a nice full set of extra questions to use for my classes.  I use these on tests, but I also use

Period 4 APUSH Stimulus Based Multiple Choice

I’ve finished another batch of Multiple Choice!  This set includes 40 stimulus based multiple choice and 4 short answer for the Period 4 section of the APUSH exam.  Again, these took me some time, and I thought carefully about every questions written.  I’ve recently posted them on teachers pay teachers, and you can find them

AP U.S. History Period 3 – Stimulus Based Multiple Choice

Here’s my latest batch of Stimulus Based multiple choice for the new AP Exam.  I’m going to level with you – these are still really difficult to write.  With the way the AP structures their questions, the possible answers are very restrictive.  To write proper questions, the answers really need to be embedded within the

Period 1-2 AP U.S. History – Stimulus Based Multiple Choice

I finally finished my most recent test bank of multiple choice questions.  These questions can be used to test period 1 and 2 of the new APUSH exam.  Check them out, and let me know what you think!  You can find them on my teacherspayteachers store at the following link – APUSH Period 1 and

Period 9 – Stimulus Based Multiple Choice and Short Answer Questions – APUSH History

I recently published another set of Stimulus Based Multiple Choice for AP U.S. History.  This set is designed for Period 9.  Please check them out on TpT, and let me know what you think through feedback.  I will be publishing many more for the 2016-2017 year, so check back for more!

Period 8 – AP U.S. History Stimulus Based Multiple Choice and Short Answer Questions

I’ve published my first set of stimulus based multiple choice.  This set has 40 multiple choice questions, 4 short answer questions, and they’re all based on the key concepts for period 8.  Check them out at this location – APUSH – Period 8 – Stimulus Based Multiple Choice – Test Questions – Test Bank.  

APUSH – Stimulus Based Multiple Choice – Sentence Stems

When the new AP exam was released, one of my most immediate frustrations was the lack of available test questions.  They released one exam (which was then released to the public), and other test questions were released very slowly.  As part of my frustration, I decided that I would need to write my own question