PBS Documentary “First Peoples” Free Lesson

This past June, PBS aired a documentary titled “First Peoples.”  Though it was the end of the year, I noticed that one of the sections of the video – The First Americans – dovetailed nicely with one of NYS teaching standards for Social Studies from the new Social Studies framework – specifically:

7.1a Geography and climate influenced the migration and cultural development of Native Americans. Native Americans in North America settled into different regions and developed distinct cultures.

7.1a.1 – Students will examine theories of human settlement of the Americas.

I had been looking for some type of video or visual that could explain the information better than I could through discussion.  The video also discusses several theories of human settlement – specifically with supporting evidence, instead of just presenting one theory as fact.  This introduces the students (right at the beginning of the year), to the idea that evidence is needed to support any theory or claim that one might propose.

I’ve created a simple lesson to go with the documentary.  The students annotate a background article discussing the video, and then they watch the video and collect information.

I’ve linked the lesson I created through a PDF – Download Lesson-The First Americans.  One would also need a copy of the First Peoples video, or they could just buy the episode on Amazon titled the First Americans.

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