8 Great Podcasts for Teachers of History

I absolutely love listening to podcasts in my spare time.  It’s an easy way to delve in to history topics I know little about, and it provides an alternative to reading.  I can listen to a podcast on my morning walk with the dog, or when I’m cleaning up a garden bed.  History podcasts often focus on forgotten history, or smaller stories that are missed by textbooks or survey courses, and they help me to make connections in my own understanding.

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Debating the Electoral College – A Structured Debate for Students


Let’s admit it.  This past election year has been really tough for teachers.  Although we want to talk about political issues, and we want to give our students the tools to sort through those issues, it’s very difficult to do so when the country is so fractured politically.  I’ve never seen my students so demoralized or disheartened by the political process.

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Graphic Organizer and Rubric for Inquiry Based Essays

I’ve been working with inquiry based learning for the past few years.  As soon as it was introduced as a concept for teaching and learning, I immediately began to adapt my curriculum.  I love the way that it compels students to think about history and analyze history, and not just memorize specific events.

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AP U.S. History Stimulus Based Multiple Choice Full Year Bundle


I’m done!  I’ve now created a test bank for each of the time periods in AP U.S. History!  I’m so excited to have these as a resource for my classroom, and be able to offer these a resource for other frustrated AP U.S. History teachers.  With the completion of these Period 6 Multiple Choice, I can now offer a combination package as a bundle.

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Period 5 – Stimulus Based Multiple Choice and Short Answer


I’m almost there!  This is my latest set of APUSH Stimulus Based Multiple Choice, and I’m only one set away from a full test bank.  I’m very excited about finishing these, and then having a nice full set of extra questions to use for my classes.  I use these on tests, but I also use them for review or practice.  Other teachers use them as bell ringers.  What have you decided to use them for?

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Period 4 APUSH Stimulus Based Multiple Choice


I’ve finished another batch of Multiple Choice!  This set includes 40 stimulus based multiple choice and 4 short answer for the Period 4 section of the APUSH exam.  Again, these took me some time, and I thought carefully about every questions written.  I’ve recently posted them on teachers pay teachers, and you can find them as the following link – APUSH Period 4 Stimulus Based Multiple Choice and Short Answer Questions.

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AP U.S. History Period 3 – Stimulus Based Multiple Choice


Here’s my latest batch of Stimulus Based multiple choice for the new AP Exam.  I’m going to level with you – these are still really difficult to write.  With the way the AP structures their questions, the possible answers are very restrictive.  To write proper questions, the answers really need to be embedded within the key concepts.  Therefore, one cannot just use random questions that happen to be associated with a document.   The question should be written in a specific way, and the answers should be written with very specific wording.  Each set of these stimulus based questions has taken me about 40 to 60 hours to total to write – at least!  Really, I don’t want to know how much time I’ve devoted – I’ve stopped counting.

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Period 1-2 AP U.S. History – Stimulus Based Multiple Choice


I finally finished my most recent test bank of multiple choice questions.  These questions can be used to test period 1 and 2 of the new APUSH exam.  Check them out, and let me know what you think!  You can find them on my teacherspayteachers store at the following link – APUSH Period 1 and Period 2 Stimulus Based Multiple Choice Short Answer Test.

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