Graphic Organizer and Rubric for Inquiry Based Essays

I’ve been working with inquiry based learning for the past few years.  As soon as it was introduced as a concept for teaching and learning, I immediately began to adapt my curriculum.  I love the way that it compels students to think about history and analyze history, and not just memorize specific events.

My students students have responded to this style of learning also.  As we work through inquiries, I can see that they feel like they are part of this historical process – that history isn’t dead.

The big stumbling block for teachers is how they should assess students at the end of an inquiry.  I’m still working to design different kinds of assessments, and that is in a constant state of development and improvement.  The most obvious type of an assessment is an essay.   With essays, students have to demonstrate that are aware of specific historical events, and that they can then evaluate those historical events.   To help students organize their thoughts before writing an inquiry based essay, I’ve developed a graphic organizer.

In this product, I’ve included two different types of graphic organizers.  I’ve found that some students like lines to guide their writing, while others prefer to have an open space.  Therefore, I’ve included both versions.  Also, I’ve decided to provide a word version also.  I know that most teachers love the ability to edit products for their classrooms.  This product can be found in my store at – Inquiry Based Essay Graphic Organizer Social Studies C3 Framework.

Have you transitioned to inquiry based learning in your classroom?  Has it changed your teaching experience?  Add your thoughts in the comment section.  



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