APUSH – Stimulus Based Multiple Choice – Sentence Stems


When the new AP exam was released, one of my most immediate frustrations was the lack of available test questions.  They released one exam (which was then released to the public), and other test questions were released very slowly.  As part of my frustration, I decided that I would need to write my own question to make up for the lack available.

For part of this task, I looked at all of the available questions to teachers and came up with my own “questions stems.”  In other words, this is the general language that was used to accompany all the multiple choice test questions. Basically, I wrote out all the generic types of questions that were asked and categorized them by historical thinking skill.

I’ve uploaded this document, and made it available on my teacher pay teachers site.  You can find it at page titled APUSH – Sentence Stems – Stimulus Based Multiple Choice Questions – 2015-2016.



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